6 Samsung Phones with Good Camera in Nigeria and Price

One of the primary reasons numerous Nigerians buy a smartphone is to document great moments via pictures and videos for future reference.

For that, you need a good camera phone for photography and videography. Below are the top Samsung phones with good camera in Nigeria from flagships to budget phones.

Samsung Phones with Good Camera in Nigeria

1.) Samsung Galaxy A54 5G: NGN 376,000 – NGN 403,000

Samsung A54 5G is one of the top mid-range phones you can get right now for its camera capabilities.

Violet Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Back, Right-hand Side, and Display

It is equipped with a 50MP primary camera that comes with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), a 12MP Ultrawide camera, and 5MP macro camera at the rear. The Galaxy A54 5G selfie camera is a 32MP sensor.

Alongside the OIS on the main 50MP sensor, Samsung A54 5G uses VDIS (Video Image Stabilization) to make sure not just the images look great, are sharp, and pack a lot of details but also the videos too.

Samsung A54 5G camera system both the rear and front cameras can shoot videos in 4K at 30fps.

The quality of pictures captured and videos shot with the A54 5G are sharp, have great dynamic range, and have amazing color reproduction.

Night photography is great on this device regardless of whether you are using the rear camera or the selfie camera.

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2.) Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: NGN 1,190,000 – NGN 1,276,000

Samsung S23 Ultra is equipped with a 200MP primary camera, 12MP Ultrawide camera, 10MP telephoto lens, and 10MP periscope telephoto lens. It comes with a 12MP selfie or front-facing camera.

As it stands right now, Samsung S23 Ultra is the best Samsung phone for taking pictures in both natural and low-light conditions. Yes, it takes better pictures than both Google Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with good camera

However, it is a little bit behind the iPhone 14 Pro Max when it comes to video quality and more or less the same with the Pixel 7 Pro in this aspect depending on whether you like warm or cool pictures.

Samsung S23 Ultra though has the 8K at 30fps advantage over the other Pixel and the iPhone.

This verdict on the picture and video quality of the S23 Ultra compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pixel 7 Pro is the same. It doesn’t matter which of the rear cameras you use and even between the selfie cameras of these smartphones.

As it stands today, the S23 Ultra is the best Samsung camera phone you can get in Nigeria. But many might not be able to afford it because of its price. If that is your case, check out the other phones below.

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3.) Samsung Galaxy S23: NGN 756,000 – NGN 810,000

Samsung S23 is equipped with a 50MP primary camera, 12MP ultrawide, and 10MP telephoto lens. Its selfie camera is the same 12MP as the S23 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S23 with good camera

The Galaxy S23 is in fierce competition with the Pixel 7 and iPhone 14. Its pictures pack tons of details and it is hard to choose between the three devices.

However, when it comes to video, the iPhone 14 took the lead as it has always been while the Pixel 7 and Galaxy S23 are a little bit less detailed compared to the iPhone.

This does not mean the S23 video is bad, it can shoot amazing videos just that the iPhone 14 does a little bit better job.

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4.) Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: NGN 699,000 – NGN 750,000

After the S23 Ultra, the S22 Ultra is the next when it comes to top Samsung camera smartphones and it will be cheaper than the S23 Ultra in the next couple of weeks once the S23 Ultra is widely available in Nigeria.

Samsung S22 Ultra is equipped with a 108MP primary camera, 12MP ultrawide camera, 10MP telephoto lens, and 10MP periscope telephoto lens. It features a 40MP front-facing camera.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with good camera

From the numbers above, it is easier to assume that it comes with the same camera as the S23 Ultra but that would be completely inaccurate because the S23 Ultra has better software and hardware stabilization, better and faster processing power, and the obvious one which is its new primary camera.

Samsung S23 Ultra is better than the S22 Ultra in both pictures and videos. But the S22 Ultra is not a pushover. It is better than most of the competition from its generation.

Both the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pixel 7 Pro take and shoot better pictures and videos respectively than the S22 Ultra. Especially in low-light conditions.

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5.) Samsung Galaxy A73 5G: NGN 348,000 – NGN 389,000

Samsung A73 5G is the 2022 highest end of the Galaxy A series. If you are low on budget and shopping for a new Samsung phone for photography, the A73 5G is among the top choices.

Samsung A73 5G is equipped with a 108MP primary camera, 12MP ultrawide, 5MP macro, and 5MP depth-sensing camera. At the front, it uses a 32MP sensor.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G with good camera

Forget the 5MP macro and depth sensors on the rear camera of the A73 5G, I will tell you for free that the output is poor as regards this topic.

However, with OIS and EIS, the pictures, as well as videos coming from the A73 5G main camera, are amazing even in low-light conditions.

If the A73 5G is still too expensive for you, then you can go for the Samsung A53 5G with a 64MP main camera whose camera output is also great in terms of pictures and videos and is also a high-end mid-range device.

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6.) Samsung Galaxy A23: NGN 155,000 – NGN 166,000

Samsung A23 is a low-end mid-range smartphone that has a capable primary camera but falls short with other sensors.

Compared to other smartphones on this list, it is not a worthy comparison. However, when compared to other smartphones in its price range, yes it is not necessarily a bad camera phone.

Samsung Galaxy A23 with good camera

The Galaxy A23 is equipped with a 50MP primary camera, 5MP ultrawide camera, 2MP macro camera, and 2MP depth sensor. At the front, it uses an 8MP selfie camera.

You can easily get a great picture and decent video from the main camera but that is it. The ultrawide, macro, and depth cameras are more or less just there with little to no use case.

But this a cheap smartphone with a good main camera.

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