A New Galaxy A Series Smartphone To Launch on January 18

Earlier today I reported Samsung’s official website for Colombia confirming the February 1 date for the launch of the Galaxy S23 series and I said it will be the first Galaxy Unpacked event of the year 2023.

Well, it seems I might have jumped the gun because a couple of hours after that new information originating from another Samsung official website which is for the country of India claims a new Samsung A series smartphone with 5G will be coming later this month on January 18.

What this means is that, this launch event will actually be the first Galaxy Unpacked event of 2023 except of course there is not going to be an event but just a press release which is highly unlikely.

Why you might ask? The Samsung A series phone that will support 5G and will warrant this kind of landing page is the Samsung A54 5G and its predecessors – Samsung A53 5G and A52 were the best-selling Samsung phones of their time. I don’t think Samsung will announce it via a press release.

Some other details that were revealed that are pointing to the likelihood of the phone being the A54 5G are the screen size and refresh rate

Now, Samsung could also announce the Galaxy A34 5G and maybe the A74 5G assuming an earlier report that said the manufacturer will discontinue the A7x series is wrong which I doubt.

The Galaxy A24 and A14 most likely won’t be launched with them because they are only 4G enabled and not 5G.

According to the page on the Samsung India website, this upcoming Galaxy A phone will give you a 5G experience the awesome way. It will be available in Awesome Black, Awesome Green, and Awesome Burgundy colors.

It will sport a 6.6 inches Full HD display with a 120Hz high refresh rate. This is 1 inch more than the A53 5G and 1 inch less than the A73 5G which indicates to me that the earlier report of A7x being canceled might be true. Because I don’t see why they will reduce the screen size on an A7x phone or increase it to the same size as the S22 Ultra.

The page also claims the phone battery will be managed with AI and will be able to give you 2 days of power.

It also shows a triple rear camera with OIS which claims to get you “Spectacular Images with ‘No Shake Cam’ and capture blur-free videos even while in motion.”

The phone will also sport 8GB RAM and will be powered by a super-fast “5G processor that levels up your gaming and amps your streaming experiences.”