Samsung Confirms the Launch Date of Samsung S23 Series and Galaxy Book 3 Series

Some slides become visible on the Samsung Colombia website some days ago which confirms the launch date of the Samsung S23 series to be February 1 which is a date we have known for some weeks before that.

However, those slides were taken down after a few hours which signals it was a mistake. Well, as of this afternoon, Samsung’s main website – now has a similar slide confirming that the S23 series which comprises the Samsung S23, S23 Ultra, and S23 Plus will be unveiled on the 1st of February 2023.

An earlier report has also suggested that the S23 phones won’t be the only Samsung devices that will be revealed to the world on that day. It claims we will be seeing new Galaxy laptops too and so is the landing page for reservations of the upcoming devices.

I also reported some days ago that the A54 5G and probably the A34 5G will be launching in India on the 18th of January. I think Samsung might also announce these same devices to the rest of the world alongside the S23 series which I think might be different from the Indian variants. We will know more about that after the event scheduled on the 18th in India.

Over the past few months, a series of information has revealed what to expect from the upcoming S23 series and I have documented the ones from reliable sources.