Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 to Come with Hinge Upgrade and Bigger Cover Screen

Samsung Z Flip phones from the first generation to the latest (Z Flip 4) have always come with a small 1.9 inches cover screen, but it seems that will change with the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Like the Z Fold 5 as I reported about 2 days ago, the Z Flip 5 will also be coming with an upgrade to its hinge. The internal storage will be the same.

Z Flip 5 Cover Screen

The Z Flip 5 will reportedly (According to Ice Universe) comes with a bigger cover display, allowing you to do more than just check the time, weather, notifications, and a few other things without flipping to the main screen.

Samsung is expected to make sure you can use some apps directly from the cover screen which will be great.

There is no word on how big the cover display will be but there are speculations that it will be bigger than the one on the Oppo Find N2 Flip which is 3.26 inches.

The Oppo Flip is said to be the inspiration behind the increase in the cover display because the Galaxy Flip fans loved what could be done on the Oppo Flip’s cover screen.

Samsung is expected to make the bigger Z Flip 5 cover screen more usable and feature-rich that the Oppo Flip.

Samsung Z Flip 5 with Upgraded Hinge

The primary objective of upgrading the hinge on the Z Flip 5 is similar to that of the Z Fold 5. Samsung wants a Galaxy Z Flip phone that can close perfectly flat without any gap between the two folded screens.

This new hinge will make the device flatter and aesthetically more pleasing. It will also reduce the visibility of the crease on the folding part of the display.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 Internal Storage Options

Samsung Z Flip 5 will reportedly be retaining the internal storage options available on the Z Flip 4.

Meaning, you will be able to choose between 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options.

It is expected to feature UFS 4.0 storage like the Samsung S23 series that was announced in early February. However, like the S23 base model, its 128GB internal storage option might be UFS 3.1.


These are great upgrades coming to the Z Flip 5 and if they can upgrade the camera as well, I think it might just make it their most popular folding phone ever since it is expected to come with a more efficient and powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor.

This would make it a complete overhaul in design, processing power, display, and camera. Hence, a worthy upgrade to the Z Flip 4 for numerous people out there.