Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: New Hinge, S-Pen Slot, and Storage Options

There have been incremental upgrades to the foldable phones over the past few years but it seems that the Z Fold 5 will be coming with more upgrades than ever before.

My last update about the upcoming Z Fold 5 pointed at a new hinge design, the possibility of a stylus pen slot (in-built s-pen), and an upgrade to the camera.

New information has reconfirmed one of those things and cast a shadow on another one.

The Z Fold 5 Hinge

If you have seen or held the predecessors – Z Fold 4 or Z Fold 3 or older, you will notice that it does not fold perfectly. It always has a space that is bigger around the sides closer to the hinge.

As you might know, the foldable display is plastic and a space between the folded halves leaves it vulnerable to things like small sharp objects that could potentially cause damage to the display.

This is something users have been asking Samsung to fix for years now and it seems they have listened and have a breakthrough on exactly how to do it.

The new hinge on the Z Fold 5 is said to use a mechanism called droplet mechanism and will allow the two halves of the foldable screen to fold perfectly flat.

This new hinge will make the device looks more aesthetically pleasing because it will be flatter than it has ever been.

Samsung Z Fold 5 is also expected to come with a new aspect ratio for the cover screen to further enhance the design.

Samsung Z Fold 5 S Pen

In my last update, I mentioned that the Z Fold 5 might be coming with an S Pen slot which would have made it their first Foldable phone with an in-built Stylus Pen but that might not be happening according to a new report.

According to a Korean website, Samsung was planning to make space for an S Pen slot in the Z Fold 5 but that might not be happening because it will make the device more bulky/thick which is something they do not want right now.

It will also add to the cost of manufacturing which might affect the company’s profit if they choose not to increase the price of the device. I will keep you updated on any changes about this particular point.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 Storage Options

There will not be a change in internal storage options on the Z Fold 5 compared to the Z Fold 4. But there might be a change in the type of storage.

Samsung Z Fold 5 is expected to come with the same 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB internal storage option as the Z Fold 4 but the storage type will be UFS 4.0 compared to the Z Fold 4’s USF 3.1.