Samsung Galaxy S22 FE and Tab S8 FE will Reportedly be Powered By Exynos 2300

Samsung will be announcing their new S23 series flagships in the next few weeks and there have been speculations that instead of the usual Snapdragon in the US and Exynos in Europe variants, there is only going to be only one variant this time around and it will be Snapdragon.

But Samsung has reportedly been working on Exynos 2300 chipset which is going to be a successor to Exynos 2200 which powered some Samsung S22 series that was announced earlier this year. What will happen to it then, if the S23 family is powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 globally?

Some said it will probably be abandoned which does not resonate with me and some said it will be worked on a little bit longer for better performance and be renamed and then used on 2024 flagships.

Well, according to new information, the Exynos 2300 will be powering the Samsung S22 FE and Samsung Tab S8 FE. Samsung announced their first FE smartphone in late 2020 for those who can’t afford the main flagships but want something that still feels premium.

Samsung S21 FE was announced in January 2022 and I think this is the first time they are announcing an FE edition for their Tablet. So, it is not really out of line that S22 FE will be announced in 2023.

An earlier report also revealed that there is not going to be a Samsung A74 5G in 2023 as Samsung will be canceling the A7x line.

There were speculations as to why this is happening but there were also concerns about what will happen to the gap it will left because the price gap between the A54 5G and base S23 model will be so huge that they will be leaving a lot on the table for another company to take from.

Well, this new report should answer most of the questions. Because if this is true, it means all the S23 series will truly be powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

It also means that the gap that the A74 5G will leave behind will be occupied by the S22 FE and since it will be powered by a flagship-level processor, it will be a better alternative to other manufacturers that are slow with OS or security updates, it will also be a better alternative in terms of camera, design, brand, and display quality.

So, this new information filled the hole in the previous narratives over the past few weeks. Just so you know, none of this is official. We will still have to wait and see how things unfold.