Samsung S23 Plus and S23 Ultra’s Design and Signature Color Revealed via Promotional Images

In the early hours of today (December 25, 2022), folks over at 91mobiles got their hands on some promotional images of the Samsung S23 Ultra and S23 Plus which reveals the design of the duo as well as the signature color.

This image is in line with information that has been circulating around for the past couple of days regarding the signature colors of the upcoming Samsung flagships on the S series.

You may ask me what about the S23. Well, if Samsung were to follow their usual trend, the S23 will use the same design and the same color as the S23 Plus for their marketing/promotion.

Let’s analyze the promotional image below which contains the S23 Plus, Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Galaxy Watch 5, Watch 5 Pro, and S23 Ultra.

The S23 Plus from the image is in line with what we have been hearing for weeks now which is that the S23 and S23 Plus are not going to continue the S22 and S22 Plus tradition of having a camera chassis/modules which house all the sensors.

Instead, they will feature a new camera design that is similar to last year’s S22 Ultra which has all the lenses standing on their own.

The image is also saying that the S23 Ultra will maintain the design of its predecessor – the Samsung S22 Ultra.

Another thing that it reveals is the signature colors which are Pink for the S23 Plus and Green for the S23 Ultra.

I have already written extensively about what we know so far about the upcoming S23 series and the page will be kept up to date as new information surfaces until the devices are officially unveiled.